Lite, Basic, Advanced

Shopodex hosted offerings include Shopodex Lite, Basic, and Advanced. Each option will provide you with a new SEO-friendly website. 

$19 - $149



Platform Licensing

Shopodex Enterprise comes with a variety of ready-to-go integrations including Quickbooks POS, MS Dynamics 365 and Dynamics GP. 

$3000 - $6000
Online Store Fronts

Online Store Fronts

Either your web designer or ours can create a completely custom designed website for your new online store.

Choose from our existing library of built-in templates, jQuery, and widgets to make your site exciting.

Request any new custom feature you want for your site.

Shopodex websites are fully responsive and will run just fine on any mobile device.

Easy Administration

Easy Administration

With seamless integration between your POS and Shopodex, products and inventory automatically flow back and forth.

Your website navigation will be automatically driven by your products and services, but can easily add any additional content pages you would like.

Images do not need to be optimized before being uploaded thanks to built-in compression which ensures your website loads quickly.

Search Optimization

Search Optimization

When you post content and products to your Shopodex website, your landing pages will be automatically SEO compliant.

Once your site is live we submit it to Google and Bing and monitor its performance.

We can advise you on search marketing and content strategies to ensure your website is successful.

2-Way POS Integration

Sales and inventory balances are always up to date

Our Quickbooks POS integration means that new products automatically push up to the website, significantly reducing the workload to manage this. Sales and returns automatically pull down to Quickbooks and inventory balances are always up to date.

Seamless integration with leading software providers including ShippingEasy, Quickbooks POS, and Microsoft Dynamics.

All-In-One Digital Marketing Platform

Quick setup and easy to administer Search Engine Optimized (SEO) pages Ultra-low credit card rates >> rollover 


Ultra Low Credit Card Rates

Avoid excessive credit card processing fees with our Shopodex Accept Pay which enables you to accept credit cards directly and without a third-party gateway provider. One flat rate for all your real-time payment processing!

Only 2.59% + 25 cents!

Generate More E-commerce Sales

Improved Design and SEO Drives Online Sales

Set up your online store front and begin selling products today. Organize your merchandise with our content management system. Keep up-to-date inventory with point of sale integration. Reach customers directly using Shopodex CRM.

Built-In Email Marketing

Track your Customers and Leads

In the world of eCommerce, email marketing is a crucial tool to connect your growing business with current customers as well as on-boarding new prospects. With Shopodex there is no need to mess with HTML code, simply choose your template, add your copy, choose your target audience, send mail-out and analyze results.

Web Developers

Customize and Integrate your Site

We have a strong competency in designing user interfaces. Our designs have survived the test of time, supporting our clients as they have grown their businesses dramatically. Receive custom web development and back end integration with our web developer agency service. We help you link your businesses systems and make daily processes easier by automating manual tasks.

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