Shopodex Email Marketers

In the world of eCommerce, email marketing is a crucial tool to connect your growing business with current customers as well as on-boarding new prospects. Email marketing also serves to remind your audience of anything new happening in your company, product releases, events, sales, and other marketing material. Marketing your business in this direct approach keeps your customers in the know as well as helps you analyze the actions taken and determine the best way to reach your consumer and promote your business. 

Promote, Inform, Sell

Marketing tools such as direct email blasts are the best way to introduce your customer to new products and services, any changes happening within the business, promote events or sales, and remind them of your presence. Email marketing not only increases future sales, it encourages clients to return to the site, builds relationships with new customers, and delivers useful information about your business. 


The Shopodex email marketing agency provides this service for you and ensures that all messages are written in an effective and compliant manner. We will work with your business to create the most adequate and appealing emails for your specific customer demographic. 

Our team of email marketers will: 

  • Research your audience and target market
  • Analyze keywords and phrases that drive SEO 
  • Construct the written language to properly represent your business  
  • Create appealing and “on brand” HTML emails
  • Adhere to compliance standards ie: “Click to unsubscribe”
  • Accurately and concisely present the needed information

Build Customer Relationships

Shopodex email marketers are experts in this form of direct marketing and effectively communicate your desired message directly to your customers inbox. We can send email blasts based on region, business type, customer rating, and others. With the ability to schedule when the email will be sent can help reach customers more accurately in different regions. All this customer information is stored in the Shopodex CRM and can be modified or adjusted if needed. 

Integrate with an ESP

With email marketing the most accurate results require and ESP integration. Having an email service provider such as SendGrid gives your email blasts augmented delivery tags which the system then collects, scans for delivery metrics, and transits the message to the inbox. With Shopodex you are able to see the statistics of the email blast and create a report of its success. Having an email marketer construct, time, and track messages on your behalf alleviates work and delivers better results.