Site Design

  • Creative Package
  • Wire-frames
  • Graphical Comps 
  • CSS

Site Content

  • Research customer 
  • SEO Content 
  • Keywords & Tagging 
  • Increase Traffic

Build Site

  • Homepage
  • Brands & Product Types
  • Categories & Products 
  • Landing Pages

Optimize Site

  • Analyze SEO
  • Optimized Pages
  • Back & Cross-Links
  • SEO Submissions
Branding Strategy

Branding Strategy

Establishing Content Strategy

After working with our designers to create your custom website design, the Shopodex team then begin building out your website. The first objective is to establish a content strategy that works for your brand and products. Together with our team we establish and identify the content your website will have such as: products, category types, keywords, imagery, company slogans/logos, and any specifics about your company.

Coming to a clear understanding of your businesses branding strategy is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful eCommerce business. Having a methodical approach to your websites written content and how it is structured on the pages can dictate the traffic and sales of your product with tools such as Google Ads, keyword tagging, appealing design and page layout, marketing campaigns, and many more. 

Templates & CSS

Templates & CSS

Implement Custom Design

The key pages of your website are the pages that are visited most frequently such as the homepage, category pages associated to products, and landing pages that will be featured on your site. Our team will create HTML structures as well as CSS for the key pages.  Our team then creates content for each specific page using our simple template approach. 

The Shopodex content page template targets SEO keywords and is an in-depth analysis which boosts credibility with Google as well as other search engines. Each page has a topic and a title we will then identify targeted keyword phrases that will be repeated within the content of the page. The keywords will be analyzed on Google using SEO terms helping us refine the phrase list and identify any other tags for the page. 

Create Content

Create Content

Landing Pages, Categories, Products

After specifically identifying the keywords and phrases that will be used, we are able to begin constructing the written content for landing pages, categories, products, and other key pages. Using the template process the next step in managing site content is identifying the H1, H2, headline, and sub-headline. This content is reviewed by our expert SEO editor who will verify and vet out the keyword optimization for the best Google results. 

Once the keyword analysis of each section is complete, the content writer drafts paragraphs within each subheading with specific details of the page. The Shopodex team then reviews each page with the customer and our SEO specialist who uses analysis tools to identify any tagging or other issues. 

Post Content

Post Content

Upload Content & Imagery

Next our team will search and curate imagery that is appropriate for each page and is relative to your desired design. To maintain a cohesive looking website each image should be accurately sized and placed within the pages content whether it be a small descriptor or large banner image. Using Adobe, our team crops and sizes each image for you and identifies where to properly place them within your websites design.

When the written content is complete and the images are collected, everything can be posted on to the site. The Shopodex team will administer posting to the website on your behalf and make certain that everything published meets the highest criteria and is presented concisely and comprehensively to your customer. 

Optimize Site

Optimize Site

Search Engine Optimization

We will implement and administer tagging, keyword density, proper titles, headings, content structure and much more are analyzed by our team of SEO experts assuring your website performs the best in search results. Keyword density is extremely relevant throughout the content of each page and about 4-5% of the pages should be keyword search terms and variations of such. 

Our team has the tools and experience to optimize the entirety of your website so Google indexes the keywords used and ranks it accordingly. This process can really affect the success of your search quality and should be a top priority before letting any website content “go live”. 

Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission

Google & Bing Site Indexing

Finally, the old site is shut off and the new site is powered up, Shopodex assists in verifying SEO and any redirect issues as well as broken links on the site. The site and site map are submitted to Google and other search engines such as Bing, the website is now officially live and ready to be monitored. The Shopodex team immediately monitors any issues using Google search console, analytics and Bings SEO tools.

Working closely with our clients, Shopodex is able to deliver the exact style of website the client is looking for with integrating the proper systems and executing effective marketing. Our team will help to effectively draw people to your business’ page and get you more sales!