Increase Sales With Pay Per Click Marketing

Shopodex is a full service digital agency that specializes in Website Design and Development, Content Management, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Enhancement, and Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing.

Our specialists in Google Ads PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing are ready to develop your very own PPC roadmap that is configured to increase your sales by using our proven PPC marketing strategies that include:

  • SEO audit of current website
  • Proper keyword optimized
  • Expert keyword traffic analysis
  • Identification of top search phrases
  • Expert knowledge of bidding strategies
  • Specific demographic targeting
  • Call and location tracking
  • Unique algorithms to target the best keywords
  • Live PPC monitoring service
  • Regular in-depth reporting
  • Expect Success With Our Google Ads PPC Campaigns

    Your Shopodex PPC Google Ads specialist will be optimizing your businesses’ Ads campaign by taking advantage of many powerful and specialized tools made available by Google for professionals.

    Your Google Ads optimization process includes building unique call and locations pages, bid adjustment thresholds, integrating budgets within geographic targeting and monitoring demographics.

    To deliver the success you expect, PPC specialists will also implement click and conversion tagging throughout your website, so they can receive continuously updated information regarding traffic and sales behavior as soon as your PPC Google Ads campaign begins. 

    <center>Expect Success With Our Google Ads PPC Campaigns</center>
    SEO Analysis

    SEO Analysis

    Sitemap and Google Analytics

    SEO analysis is a must when it comes to hitting the top ranks on Google searches, expanding your online reach, driving traffic to your website, and achieving your business objectives. It is also the most crucial preliminary step in running a successful Google Ads campaign. Shopodex excels in SEO friendly content creation ensuring you're empowered with the maximum potential to compete in a very complicated market.

    A comprehensive SEO analysis affords you the ability to make strategic decisions which reduces time and money spent in the long term. The Shopodex team covers things such as: evaluating your visibility through Google Analytics, checking URL’s and meta descriptions, analyzing titles and headings, evaluating your links, analyzing your content and imagery, checking your page speed, submitting your sitemap and more. Once these features have been optimized you are ready to start your Google Ads campaign.

    Establishing Demographic

    Establishing Demographic

    Demographic Targeting

    In any successful medium, it is important to know your target market. Who are you looking to reach with your ads? Before drafting your campaigns and selecting your keywords you will want to identify your target demographic. Google Ads campaigns can be modified to target potential buyers based on a number of different criteria such as age, gender, income, location and more.

    Demographic targeting can help in a few key areas and is often used in combination with other targeting strategies. Exclusion is a method that allows you to exclude specific demographic categories, so you don’t show your ads to certain demographics. Demographic targeting can also help you customize your bids to place higher or lower for a certain demographic type. For example, if you are selling women’s jewelry you might want to allocate more of your budget advertising to women than to men.

    Keywords & Ad Creation

    Keywords & Ad Creation

    Crafting Your Campaigns

    In order to get your Ads to appear when prospects search for a product or service, the keywords you choose need to match the words and phrases they search for. When matched, your ad then enters an auction to determine if it will show in the search. The keywords you choose and text you write are keys to your ad getting selected and clicked on. It takes expertise to know what tag lines, ad types and keywords to use, as there are many variations of each.

    Shopodex studies the competition and analyzes search metrics to best identify the keywords and phrases you will need to perform well in Google Ads, from single keywords, to keyword phrases, long tail keywords and more. Different ad types are excellent selling strategies as well. Some ads are designed to only show once per search, whereas others, like Remarketing ads, are designed to follow the prospect around once your site is viewed.  

    Tracking & Conversions

    Tracking & Conversions

    Recording Your Campaign Data

    Once your ads and keywords are up and running, the next step is to monitor and evaluate their performance. When someone visits your website after clicking one of your ads, website call conversion tracking can help identify and measure calls from your site. It is a highly effective way to see how your ads lead to phone calls and sales. The data recorded allows you to identify which areas of your campaigns are working and which are not, so you can optimize your bids, ads and keywords accordingly.

    Your Google Ads campaigner along with your Shopodex team will help implement tracking tags and send you updated reports on your campaign performance. Every step of the way your campaigner will monitor and adjust your campaigns to ensure your highest level of success. Google Ads is a very powerful tool in the online market enabling you to increase sales and traffic significantly.

    Campaign Monitoring

    Campaign Monitoring

    Ongoing Optimization

    On a regular basis, your Google Ads campaigner will monitor your campaigns. Google Ads fluctuates from day to day, based on keyword prices, Google searches and many other factors. It is important to routinely adjust keywords, ad text and budgets to optimize your success. It can be complicated to stay up to date with all the ebbs and flows of Google Ads which is why your campaigner is trained to do this for you.

    Every two weeks your campaigner will do a review with Google to discuss any improvement recommendations and to analyze up to date performance metrics. If anything needs to be adjusted, your campaigner will make the necessary corrections and advise you of the changes made. They are always there for you to answer any questions you may have about your site performance and ad campaign status.

    Increased Site Traffic

    Increased Site Traffic

    Improving Leads & Sales

    The goal of Google Ads is increased revenue through driving more traffic to your site and acquiring more leads and sales. It is a very effective tool when used correctly to reach more buyers. Once your campaigns are up and running you can expect to see an increase in site traffic. As the ads stabilize and traffic increases, your campaigner will investigate how to further enhance your Google Ads performance.

    There are always strategies that can be used to drive up the amount of traffic you are getting such as increasing the amount of money you are investing, expanding your location targeting, and using broader keyword match types. Remarketing ads are an excellent tool used to connect with people who previously interacted with your website or mobile app. Your Google Ads campaigner is always on the look out for how to further enhance your campaigns and increase your site traffic.

    Stay In Control of Your Google Ads PPC Campaign

    Stay In Control of Your Google Ads PPC Campaign

    You will always have complete control over all decisions regarding any Google Ads PPC campaign we run for you. Once your assigned PPC expert has fully constructed your new Google Ads campaign, only you can give permission to activate it and also deactivate it whenever you decide.

    After the campaign is activated our team of Ads specialists will monitor it on daily basis to make keyword, bidding and advert adjustments that will help drive more sales and increase page ranking on Google. 

    What Are The Costs Of A Successful Google Ads PPC Campaign?

    Our upfront pricing policy is designed to keep costs transparent and simple for all Shopodex PPC Ads campaigns; no matter the size or scope.

    To find out more about how you can transform your low ranking website into a top ranked, and top selling site on Google, contact our Google Ads PPC specialists today (855)-882-7472