Seamless Deployment of Custom Website Design & Network Server Integration For National Computer Hardware Wholesaler

Shopodex are celebrating the successful completion of their largest open source license eCommerce website development project to date, with national IT Hardware and Services group, 2NDGEAR.

Based in Southern California, computer hardware wholesaler & reseller 2NDGEAR contracted Shopodex to develop and design a completely new website that would be built on a licensed version of Shopodex’s open source code. 

Licensing Shopodex’s open source code allows the Shopodex system and new website to be hosted, customized and administered on 2NDGEAR’s own servers whilst granting full, and seamless integration of all back-end systems already in use, such as their network server and computer hardware POS integration.

Great Results for 2NDGEAR!

Great Results for 2NDGEAR!

  • Increased Sales: 100%+
  • Increase in Sales Orders: 100%+
  • Increase in Google Impressions and Clicks: 400%+

Full Network Server Integration And Microsoft Upgrades To Streamline Internal Software Systems

A problem free, and full integration of their own network appliance systems onto the new website was a key demand from 2NDGEAR. They wanted to include a ‘content driven stringwriter’, as well as retain their ‘no run at view state’, which is basically a page-level state management technique that serializes the data in every control used on a webpage. Whilst still in the development stages, Shopodex heavily adapted the code so they could attain full integration of the 365 CRM Microsoft Dynamics suite of management systems.

Shopodex developers also began to fully customize the CMS for all processes of 2NDGEAR’s buying & administration management systems, which culminated in reduced page sizes that drastically improved web page loading times for the computer hardware reseller's PC and Laptop ecommerce website.

Shopodex Software Developers Map Out PC And Laptop eCommerce Website Integration

Shopodex’s software and website development team was headed up by web integration expert, and software developer (not to mention API specialist) Chrys Kaplan. This highly skilled team first constructed a custom project road map for the entire design and development process.

The team, liaising closely with Shopodex’s CEO Alister Harris (who was the overall project architect & creative director) carefully built a complete structural design of shared information environments, both already in use and new ones to be inserted into the network servers. This new network appliance structure would include a complete reorganization to incorporate the new website’s design with flawless back-end operational and online abilities, such as full computer hardware POS integration. 

The physical design of 2NDGEAR’s new PC and Laptop ecommerce website was entrusted to Shopodex’s lead designer Tuan Vu, who has overseen the majority of Shopodex’s high end website projects. Tuan managed to perfectly capture the overall concept put forward by Alister, in creating an aesthetically pleasing yet highly functional website.

Project Development Received Constant Input From Client Management

As with starting any project, the development team looked at all the needs initially identified by 2NDGEAR, particularly with improving their computer accessory ecommerce, hardware reseller needs and made sure that these were met and improved upon in the development process. This is why the Shopodex development and design team were in constant communication with 2NDGEAR’s internal management, who had thorough and constant input on the refinement of all features, such as with the PC and Laptop ecommerce improvements, throughout the project’s duration.

Key Features of the Website:

  • Organic Navigation resulting from product setup
  • Organic filters with built-in SEO redirects
  • Automatic SEO tagging of content product pages
  • Advanced performance caching for fast page rendering 
  • Innovative and sleek custom responsive website design
  • GP Dynamics 365 CRM contact, account, and sales order integration
  • Paypal and Braintree Integration
  • Avalara tax integration

Wireframe Designs, Creating New Content and SEO Strategies

Once the overall general design theme had been approved by 2NDGEAR, Tuan began constructing a wireframe mockup of the new website to begin the visulization process.

This was also the time for Shopodex’s chief SEO consultant, Rich Sihilling to start working on the new on-page and off-page SEO strategies that were to be implemented.

These SEO strategies included new titles, and meta tags for each page whilst running stringent SEO, and content compliance tests throughout the installation process, to ensure that every page was optimized fully for search engines once launched.

Shopodex’s head content writer Alex Bourne, and chief project administrator Adam Miller began to liaise closely with 2NDGEAR’s marketing department on what original website pages needed rewriting, and the pages that needed totally new content. Alex then had to make sure that all content was written not only to 2NDGEAR’s brand specifications, but also included keyword integration that matched with the newly established SEO primed titles.

Simultaneously to the new content being written, Adam (who was also content administrator) migrated existing pricing categories from the old website to the new one.This was a particularly difficult task, as he had to manually migrate thousands of lines of product attributes whilst also uploading “a vast amount of hard drives, RAM and processor options, which then had to be assigned one by one to various products”.

Seamless Integration Of Microsoft Dynamics Integration Including Computer Hardware POS Integration

Since 2016 Shopodex’s sister company Framework Solutions, who are a software development company, have been working with 2NDGEAR to realize their ambitious expansion plans. Framework Solutions successfully overhauled their software management systems by installing the Microsoft Dynamic range of software tools with 2NDGEAR's network servers and appliances (explore this successful integration and find out more about Microsoft Dynamics here).

Shopodex wanted to continue this successful upgrade process with full integration of Microsoft Dynamics into the new website. This would allow 2NDGEAR to continue their impressive revenue increase whilst enjoying the continued improvement and streamlining of inventory, sales and customer management of their computer hardware business.

Paypal Integration, Credit Card Processing & Integrating Avalera Tax Software

Safe, secure and easy to use payment systems are critical to any ecommerce website, and when you deal with large sales volumes like 2NDGEAR, it is vitally important to get it right from the start. Paypal comes with an unparalleled reputation in regards to online payment systems, and is renowned for its ease of use, with the highest levels of encrypted security for users, and providers alike.

Shopodex fully integrated the Paypal payment system into the new website, along with top of the line automated sales and use tax calculation software system Avalera. Using Avalera would make sure every payment, and every check out (on the website) ran seamlessly without flaw or down time. 

Because of this complete backend integration, 2NDGEAR is also able to enjoy instant updates to accounting, logistic and customer records as soon as each sale has been completed.

Website Shipping Made Easy With Integrating FedEx Services

Many of 2NDGEAR’s services depend on the prompt and secure transportation of products to and from their technology center near Los Angeles. This is why they have been partnering with Federal Express Secure Transportation to take care of their customers shipping needs, as well as their own.

To minimize the chance of interruptions to this shipping service it was vital for the website to incorporate FedEx’s shipping service, and have it up and running perfectly, as soon as the first order arrived on the new website.  

The Shopodex team were able to fully integrate the FedEx system within the computer hardware POS integration they were implementing system wide, so that any customer on the website could easily access shipping quotes, destination trackers, and codes for all orders placed online.

Special Features Retained And Integrated From Old Website

Whilst 2NDGEAR needed a completely redesigned and fully integrated ecommerce website, their marketing department wanted to continue certain special features from the old website, without encountering any downtime during the transition from old to new.

This was all about their charity driven work experiences and the seamless continuation of their informative ‘Tech For Good’ wordpress blog. For this to be resolved positively, the Shopodex developers executed a successful installation of Wordpress on their server so that it could run natively within 2NDGEAR’s new website.

A Successful Completion For Shopodex’s Largest Open Source Licensing Project To Date

February 2018 saw the smooth and thoroughly successful switch from 2NDGEAR’s old website to the new Shopodex version. CEO and Project leader Alister Harris put the lack of any major problems down to his team taking the new website through stringent alpha and beta testing processes before seeking the final sign off before launch from 2NDGEAR management.

The highly successful launch (explore it here) was only part of the good news with the new website being delivered on time, and most importantly on budget!  

One month after launch and the accomplishments just keep getting bigger and bigger, with 2NDGEAR reporting record amounts of computer hardware and accessory sales coming through the ecommerce website each week, whilst the online SEO visibility has been drastically improving in many sectors, especially in the organic search engine results department.

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The Shopodex Agency Team On-site at 2NDGEAR

The Shopodex Agency Team On-site at 2NDGEAR

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