Real-time payroll data for movie studio's

Shopodex created a great new custom website for Sessions and then completely integrated it with the back-end accounting system, Microsoft GP Dynamics. The result is easy access to real-time payroll data for all the major movie studio's and production companies who utilize Sessions' payroll service.

Shopodex Enterprise Install

Sessions payroll is the largest movie extra payroll service in Hollywood, paying over 50,000 movie extra's per year. Shopodex' custom website implementation for Sessions has provided huge benefits for customers like HBO, Paramount, Fox, and other major Hollywood studios. Learn more about Session Payroll's custom payroll software platform, which has enabled them to become the number one Movie Extra payroll service in Hollywood.

Shopodex Enterprise Installation

Shopodex can be deployed directly on your servers, or hosted on one of our stand alone servers, in order to tailor it to your exact needs and integrate with any other systems you may have.

Customized e-Commerce Websites

With Shopodex not only can your website be customized with features your industry requires, but so can the content administration system (CMS) and the built in email marketing system (CRM).

Back-end Systems Integration

Because we have so much flexibility with the Shopodex platform, it can be integrated with any back-end accounting systems you may have, as we did here with Sessions Payroll and their Microsoft GP Dynamics accounting back-end.