Shopodex Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or brand attention through a variety of platforms used worldwide. Utilizing social media to increase brand awareness is a key factor in marketing your products and services. Here you can create and post information about your whole business entity, present brand related content through imagery, written, and at this time most favored. Each platform serves a different purpose for your business and your customers.

As your audience and traffic increases, customers and clients can keep up with any news, changes, releases, announcements and communicate with your business. Your brands theme, "tone of voice", and "personality" can build a more intimate relationship between you and the consumer. Building an attractive and valuable social media presence will encourage customers to re-post content, refer others to your business, and in turn this will increase SEO and overall profit. 

Shopodex social media marketing offers strategies, solutions, and tactics that have proved to work successfully for businesses worldwide. 

Build Brand Awareness

When used professionally, consistently, and creatively a business can provide for their current customers, attract new customers, and become more visible to a wider audience.

Each media platform serves its own purpose to a business and some require marketing in more areas than others. Through social media, companies are able to post, write blogs, incorporate imagery, and incorporate video which is the most preferred by social media users at this time.  

Social media allows you to build a brand for your business and increase your website traffic all while forming relationships and communicating with both current and potential customers. Building brand awareness will help you create a lasting impression, improve customer loyalty, and help your business make sales! 

Boost Website Traffic

Shopodex social media marketers will either create original content or work directly with you to create your business social media presence.

We use the most frequented, platforms that are used and accessed worldwide. Depending on your specific businesses needs we are able to determine what platforms are most effective for your customer demographic and produce quality social media marketing for your company.

Social media is an excellent way to boost SEO, link customers to your website, market your product, and with that increase overall sales! 


Maintaining a committed and consistent social media presence gives your business more exposure on various social media platforms that users all over the world access daily. When there is content on these platforms that resonates with consumers they will be consistently reminded of your existence. In turn this can market your product to a wider audience and educate more people on who you are and what you can do for them.   


Social media can help establish a reputation for your business. Websites are the way to sell your product and social media lets consumers know that you exist and are active. Customers trust and use brands that they see on a regular basis being active on social media platforms. If the platform pages are being updated regularly your audience will know that your business is legitimate, trustworthy, and actively growing.   


An attractive social media presence with satisfied customers that can vouch for your product can greatly impact your sales. Companies can promote their product and link their website for easier and quicker sales, some platforms even incorporate purchasing through the platform itself. Promoted content, advertisement, large following and grow the brand.   


When wanting to learn more about your customers and their exact wants, needs, likes, and dislikes a company can identify the buying behavior or your customer and grow profit. Incorporating social media helps you monitor comments, feedback, build relationships with customers, and measure the impressions, shares, and likes your posts have received. Analyzing that data can then help build a better and more successful company.