Shopodex works with many companies to set-up custom e-commerce websites. Often the sites we create are for fashion and apparel retailers. Because of our experience building both fashion and custom jewelry CRM websites we understand that business. Our designers make search engine (SEO) friendly website designs so that our clients can connect with online customers looking to buy fashion and jewelry related products.

Shopodex provides custom CRM software on a cloud based system that creates a unique responsive e-commerce platform website design to make the user experience a positive one. Our Shopodex cloud based websites are easily customized to fit each client’s needs. With Jewelry and Fashion sites our custom product pages easily handle the many styles and products that fashion and jewelry websites offer. Our shopping cart also is easy customized to fit your business needs. Going beyond design our team also assists with online marketing services for clients. With on-staff SEO and Social Media experts, we know how to market your online business so it’s easily found by search engines and new customers.

From concept to completion Shopodex is the best solution for an all in one platform not only for jewelry and fashion websites, but any retail or wholesale business that needs a turn-key solution for getting their e-commerce site online.

Shopodex Jewelry & Fashion E-commerce Websites

  1. Shopodex Integrates with back-end systems like Quickbooks POS and ShippingEasy which jewelry and fashion retailers frequently use.
  2. We create unique website designs and content to ensure your online presence reflects and grows your brand image.
  3. With us you get personal attention and SEO marketing assistance that we have honed for the jewelry and fashion industries.
  4. The Shopodex CMS works seamlessly with our Shopping cart and we host it all for you so no headaches.
  5. Free platform technical support and expert programmers to import data or create website features you need.
  6. Shopodex is a turn-key system, meaning we can have you up and running on a new site design in no time and cost effectively.
  7. We’ve enhanced our system so that your brand and product pages are Search engine optimized as soon as you post them.
  8. We’ve enhanced our CMS to allow you to specify any number of options (like colors, sizes, variable pricing, dynamic shipping rates, etc).
  9. Our CMS to enables you to run promotions across brands while excluding products by type and sub-type (i.e. 'bracelets' vs ‘tribal bracelets’).
  10. We have a large database of apparel and jewelry brands, products and imagery, ready to go.