Create Your Website With A Unique Custom Design

Your website is an extension of your business/brand and we want that to shine through to every single visitor. Shopodex can create your custom website from scratch, with your input at every stage of development.

You are never limited on options with a Shopodex designed website - Our experienced developers can add any custom feature you require, from business management applications on the back-end, such as POS integration to front-end ‘member only' sections and fully integrated payment systems.

Custom Website Development Services That Stay Flexible To Suit Your Demands

To maintain a successful website that ranks well in search engine results it is important to use all current coding techniques during development and then continue to maintain best SEO practices, such as keeping up-to-date with all google roll-outs and regularly adding relevant custom content.

With this in mind, all of our development services, including your Shopodex website, are built with full accessibility to our skilled development and content team, who can assist and troubleshoot whenever you need.

 Custom Design Templates

Custom Design Templates

Shopodex can also develop unique pre-formatted templates that allow you to custom create your website without starting from scratch. Once a Shopodex template has been uploaded you gain complete access to all of our affordable custom website design and development services.

Our templates are not just about design - We have a full range of custom template development options that can take of your unique email marketing, announcement and follow up campaigns.

Custom Content That Is Relevant

The success of your website comes down to attracting, and retaining visitors, before converting these extra views to sales. Shopodex can create original content specifically written and designed for your website.

We have experienced SEO content writers who will optimize your website. By using proven tactics they can increase your organic search engine rankings on google, and other major search engines, whilst keeping your content relevant, appealing and human sounding. 

This attention to custom and original detail also includes imagery and use of other social media outlets. We take great care in using images and icons that fit seamlessly into your brand. By using our original content services, you will be able to captivate readers and attract buyers from the beginning.

Back-End Solutions With Our Fully Customizable CMS

Unlike other website platforms, Shopodex's state-of-the-art Content Management System (CMS) is fully customizable and can be adapted specifically for your individual requirements.

Shopodex's CMS always uses SEO-friendly URLs, and templating support for changing designs to your specifications, as well as allowing current and new business tools to be seamlessly integrated and installed as needed.

Manage Your Business Relationships With Inbuilt CRM Systems

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a business tool to help you specifically manage all of your organization's relationships, such as contact and sales management, workflow and productivity processes.

Shopodex can custom build a range of CRM systems right into your website, that are specific to your needs, such as sales management applications which can be used for customer services and marketing processes, such as your own email marketing system.

Affordable Options With Shopodex

To successfully launch your ecommerce business or to upgrade an existing website, contact Shopodex's experienced design and development team today, and see just how affordable your own custom website solution is 1-855-882-7472.

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