Top 5 Things To Do When You Get Your CRM

CRM Tips and Treats

  1. Begin by organizing your contacts into three groups - internal, prospects, and clients.
  2. Put them into the CRM with the five main fields including name, email, phone number and business.
  3. Log communications with your customers and prospects, and constantly update key profile details like rating, job title and business type.
  4. Establish a blogging strategy and then run your CRM email, direct-mail and telemarketing campaigns around your posts.
  5. Run performance reports to compare response rates and campaign metrics  against targets, and update your marketing plan accordingly.

How to generate more sales with your CRM

  1. Ensure all your sales staff update the CRM with profile details and communications with leads and customers over time.
  2. Create reusable email lists within the CRM for each group of leads you want to send marketing messages to.
  3. Use CRM reporting to analyze campaign response rates in order to improve and hone the marketing message.
  4. Improve the quality of leads by consistently communicating, and monitoring your email campaign performance.
  5. Generate sales with your CRM by consistently marketing and remarketing to your leads and customers.

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