Enterprise Price Comparison
  Magento Shopodex Shopify Plus
Base Price $1,666 / Month $999 / Month $2000 / Month
Revenue Share ?
Revenue Share % Handled by License Fee increases Monthly minimum of $1k up to $500k revenue then 0.20% of revenue up to $30k per month Monthly minimum of $2k up to $800k revenue then 0.25% of revenue up to $40k per month
Tiered Pricing
Tiered Pricing Explanation License fee increased based on revenue tiers N/A Minimum of $2k/month up to $800k in revenue and then 0.25% of revenue up to $40k/month
Hosting Model Self Self or SASS SASS
Base Programing Language PHP .NET Liquid
Database MySQL SQL Server Built-In
Root Access
API Access REST & SOAP Soap N/A
POS Integration Quickbooks POS and MS Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365
Built-in CRM with Email Marketing
Multiple Stores unlimited unlimited up to 9 clones
Separately Branded Site Designs limited to themes
Private Customer Store Fronts
Storefront Features      
Simple Products
Bundled Products
Grouped Products
Configurable Products
Downloadable Products
Product Custom Fields
Quantity Based Price Breaks
Customer Group Pricing
Customer Support Management ?Basic
Related Products
Cross Sell Products
Up Sell Products
Multiple Stores Up to 9 Clones
Multiple Designs / Different Designs
Multiple Languages
Multiple Currencies
Multiple Tax Rates Per Store & Product
Restricted Storefronts to Customer Groups / Accounts
Simple Products
Bundled Products
Grouped Products
Downloadable Products
Virtual Products
Configurable Products
Product Custom Fields
Quantity-Based Price Breaks
Customer Group Pricing
Related Products
Cross Sell Products
Up-sell Products
Product Relationship Rules
Recently Viewed Products
Product Tags
Product Image Zoom
Multiple Product Images
Product Video
Coupon Codes (Rule options vary)
Shopping cart discounts
Physical Gift Cards
Digital Gift Cards
Rule-based promotions
Time-restricted Promotions
Store Credits
Multiple Wish Lists
Gifting Options
Private Sales
Add to Cart by SKU / URL
Manually Listed Product Categories
Product Attributed Based Filters
Product Sorting Rules
Product Comparisons
Search Suggestions (Solr required)
Grid-based Product View
List-Based Product View
SEO Friendly
Sitemap Generation
URL Rewrite / Redirect Manager
Meta Information
Schema / Microformats
Social Sharing
Google Analytics
Tag Manager
MySQL Cluster Support
Scalable Backend Product Management (Limited)
Order Archiving
Customer Segmentation
Customer Attribute Management
Automated Email Marketing Reminder
Content Management System (Blog)
Limited Catalog Access per Customer Group
One-page Checkout Option
Mini Cart
Persistent Cart Across Devices
Checkout as Guest
SSL Support
UPS Dynamic Shipping Calculations
USPS Dynamic Shipping Calculations
FedEx Dynamic Shipping Calculations
Flat Rate Shipping
Table Based Shipping
Free Shipping Option
Shipping Tracking Number
Payment Gateway Built in
Paypal Support
Braintree Support
Authorize.net Support
Total Apps Support
Use most standard gateways
Purchase Orders
Saved Credit Cards
Bank Transfer
Secure customer portal
Order status / history
Re-orders previous items
Address Book
Email Subscription Management
Contact support
Multiple Administrators
Custom Roles & Permissions
Customizable Emails
Customizable Product Feeds
Create orders from Admin Panel
Customer Order History (Guest appears as anonymous)
Customer communication
Returns & refunds from Admin
Print invoices, packing slips and shipping labels
Vast Network of Third-Party Extensions
Robust & Active Development Community
Good & Thorough Documentation
Product & Merchandising Support
Hosting Support
Security Patches (They manage)

Which one is the best platform for your ecommerce business?

Different brands offer different shopping experiences and every online retail business has various sales models. Our chart compares the Shopodex Enterprise offerings with the two biggest platforms out there: Mangento and Shopify

What are you business goals? What are your business needs? What is your budget? Are the products you are selling relatively straightforward or are they more complicated and vary slightly? Do you offer a range of add-on products? 

Our comparison chart will help you to find the right platform for your needs.

The Comparison Chart Glossary

Grouped Products

Grouped products are built to unite simple products related to each other for a better shopping experience. Simple products can be purchased separately and/or can be related to each other by using the 'Related Products' functionality.

However, with the help of Grouped Products you can tie products together to sell them as a fixed set. This allows the customer to shop ready-made sets (electronics, furniture, clothing..)


Bundle Products

Build your own. Bundled products are a set of configurable products with unlimited added options.  


Configurable Products

A configurable product is a container that holds products which are tightly related, i.e. different sizes of a pair of jeans. You configure all sizes under on umbrella – The Configurable Product.  


Tiered Pricing

Tiered Pricing is a way to encourage customers to buy larger quantities of a product by applying discounts based on the quantity ordered. These discounts increase as the order amount is raised.

Customer Group Pricing

Customer group prices are a component of tier pricing. They are set up in a similar way. The difference is that customer group prices have a quantity of 1 and are targeted to a specific customer group.

SaaS Hosting

SaaS (Software as a Service) provides access to software applications via the Internet. It is a pay-as-you-go method and allows customers to use software on an as-needed basis, without needing to install it or purchase a license.

SaaS applications can be accessed securely by multiple customers, each of whom typically pays a monthly usage fee.

Self Hosting

The customer buys and owns a software. This entails installing the software via a hosting center which often requires a large upfront payment but is usually more cost-effective in the long run.

SQL Server 

SQL is relational database management system (RDBMS), that supports a wide variety of transaction processing, business intelligence and analytics applications in corporate IT environments. It is a full-featured database primarily and one of the three market-leading database technologies.

Private Customer Storefronts

Private, customer-specific websites tailored to a customer's needs.

Downloadable Products 

A downloadable product can be anything that can be delivered as a file, such as eBooks, music, videos, software applications, etc.