E-commerce Website Platform Pricing

Pricing for a custom Shopodex e-commerce website, a CMS to post content, and a cloud CRM for email marketing.


Get A Beautiful New E-commerce Website.

Easily Administer Content & Make Updates.

Basic:    $29/MO


» Website hosting
» Customized website template
» Web page creation and management
» Edit + update website info & pictures
» Easy-to-use backend
» Comprehensive technical support

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Pro:    $49/MO

Includes BASIC Plus:

» Conversion optimized homepage
» Product administration (up to 2500)
» Promotion administration
» Integrated shopping cart
» POS Integration
» Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Cloud CRM

Organize Your Contact Info.

Add Clients, Employees, Leads And More.

Basic:    FREE!


» up to 10,000 contacts
» Classify your contacts
» Rate your contacts
» Search for contacts
» Record contact communications
» Guaranteed security

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Pro:    $39/MO

Includes BASIC Plus:

» Unlimited contacts
» Email marketing 
» Campaign analytics
» 100 free leads
» Advanced search
» Sales team tracking and reporting

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Shopodex is a hosted e-commerce platform, which means we charge a monthly fee. This includes website hosting, use of our e-commerce system, and technical support (with one month free!). Hence, you as the customer get hosting, our e-commerce system, and a technical expert as part of the service.

Unlike many other platforms, Shopodex comes with a built in CRM Email marketing system, with which you can import leads, manage your contacts, and run email or telemarketing campaigns. There’s an additional monthly fee for the full featured version of this while Shopodex CRM Basic is Free!

In addition to this, Shopodex comes with a variety of additional services to choose from, in order to effectively manage and market your website moving forward. Shopodex consulting support is available to assist you with all aspects of marketing your new website. Consultants are available at hourly rates for content creation and administration, graphic web design, brand marketing, social media marketing, CRM campaigning, app development, and custom template development at rates ranging from $40 to $110 per hour depending on your needs.

If you’re a designer you’ll find Shopodex is the perfect platform to implement your own custom website design. For end users, Shopodex offers an easy-to-use user interface with a variety of features. Shopodex servers are fully secured to handle credit card and other sensitive customer information. The hosting comes with no bandwidth limits, and pages are performance optimized to ensure they load as quickly as possible.

Shopodex comes with a number of templates to choose from, and because the platform is completely customizable, new templates can be easily created for custom and unique site designs. Unlike many other platforms, Shopodex comes with in-house web developers that can produce any template or feature you may want.

Shopodex CMS back-end allows for easy administration of content and product data. In addition the fully customizable Shopping Cart can be linked direct to your merchant bank, or through any of the leading third party payment systems. This enables us to provide very minimal transaction and credit card fees as compared with other platforms including Shopify or cart solutions such as Stripe.

Shopodex is an SEO-friendly platform, and when you post a page on a Shopodex website it is automatically optimized with all the key meta-tags and other elements necessary for Google to notice your webpage. You will have full control over page titles, URLs, alt tags, and other elements that are important for SEO.

E-commerce websites start at $29 per month for our basic account, which allows you to sell up to 500 products. Upgrade to our Pro plan for up to 2,500 products at $49 per month.  Shopodex CRM Basic is free, and you can upgrade to CRM Pro and our full email marketing system for $39 per month.
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