Save Time and Money with POS Integration

Every eCommerce business, however large or small is constantly on the look out for proven business strategies that will save time and money. These strategies can be some of the main factors that help eCommerce businesses expand successfully and, most importantly, generate more profit.

One such factor and absolute the key element of any successful eCommerce department is keeping your accounts and inventory in perfect harmony and always up to date. 

As an online retailer or paid service provider you know exactly what happens should accounting and inventory not sync - lost time and lost money! 

This is why the benefits of integrating your Shopodex website with your Point Of Sale (POS) system are huge.

Shopodex and Point Of Sale Software Integration

Shopodex POS integration using your current POS software (Shopodex can integrate Quickbooks point of sales software or any other POS system) allows for realtime updating of all of your products, inventory balances, services for payment, etc.

But the benefits of integrating your website with a POS system don't end there - Your accounting system stays up to date, as it is uses the realtime updating to constantly adjust records for new orders, returns and back-orders.

Real eCommerce Customers Using the Shopodex Integrated POS System

Real eCommerce Customers Using the Shopodex Integrated POS System

With multiple brick-and-mortar retail stores and a growing eCommerce department, boutique fashion merchants Rosie True are a rapidly growing company in Florida.

In order to keep up with their large and varied inventory Rosie True decided to integrate their Quickbooks point of sale software with their Shopodex website;

“What’s great about Shopodex is that they could adapt the back-end just the way we wanted. So, we explained how we wanted the Quickbooks integration to work, and they were able to get all our available inventory, orders, back-orders and returns working perfectly. My workload administering our online fashion products has been reduced a lot, and I love it!”

- Jackie Steve, Online Manager, Rosie True.

Seamless POS Integration from Multiple Locations

If, like Rosie True, you are running a company with multiple locations then Shopodex's point of sale software integration will be an invaluable tool to keep track of each location from a central position.

The automated updating process that comes with POS integration of a Shopodex website means you can have a company website that is constantly up to date with all inventory, and can tell you where and what is available wherever it is located within your business.

Other Features and Benefits of Integrating Your Shopodex Website with a POS system:

  • The same integration can be available for any POS
  • Inventory balances push up to the website
  • Orders, back-orders, and returns pull down from the website
  • New products automatically become available to the website
  • Simple product setup automatically adds new items to the site navigation
  • Updates between Quickbooks (or other POS Systems) and the website can be batch or real

eCommerce POS integration and Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the most popular alternatives to Quickbooks point of sale software when businesses are looking to automate and streamline their internal systems.

Microsoft Dynamics applications offer a full line up of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications which can all be seamlessly integrated into the Shopodex system and websites.

Start your integration process the right way, contact Shopodex today and ask about how integrating your eCommerce website with your point of sale software or any of the Microsoft Dynamics applications can help you.

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