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Where do people go online when they want the most comprehensive way to find and organize recipes? The answer is:, providing users with access to and storage for more than 8 million recipes, whether they’re cooking at home or on the go. MasterCook, now the world’s leading recipe app, has been America’s favorite cooking software since it was first developed in 1992. It’s expanded beyond its roots as a desktop application and now includes smartphone apps and a richly featured cloud service.

Mastercook moves to the cloud

Mastercook moves to the cloud

Over the past 12 months, Los Angeles-based web developers Framework Solutions have been enhancing the functionality of the cloud and mobile app versions of MasterCook. Framework Solutions has rolled out a co-branded version of the MasterCook platform as part of an ongoing collaboration between MasterCook and Le Cordon Bleu International, the world’s leading French culinary arts institution.


  • Browse and search for trending recipes 
  • iPhone and Android smartphone apps to sync recipes 
  • Over 50 thousand users
  • Over 8 million recipes
  • Ability to certify recipes as USDA compliant 
  • Access to recipes from the world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu International

Shopodex shopping cart deployed for

Framework Solutions is the developer of Shopodex, a cost-effective and fully customizable e-commerce platform. Framework’s programming initiative includes the integration of Shopodex and its shopping cart system into the MasterCook codebase. Now running on servers, Shopodex operates in conjunction with the MasterCook platform to provide a seamless user experience. This substantial upgrade creates added convenience for all MasterCook users, which includes everyone from professional chefs to culinary arts students and to enthusiastic home cooks.

Mastercook becomes an enterprise marketplace solution

MasterCook’s innovative partnership with Shopodex will transform MasterCook into an enterprise marketplace solution, with the ability to host multiple products and suppliers on a single website. Users can now discover recipes ranging from favorite family and friend’s kitchen creations to the works of French master chefs in the same location. With assistance from Shopodex, MasterCook takes one more step in its evolution as the world’s leading forum to access, share, and store recipes while providing a simple and easy-to-use experience that is second to none.

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