Shopodex launches new custom website for Loghman Jewelers

Shopodex was retained by Loghman Jewelers, a high-end jewelry store located in Del Mar, CA, to create a custom new website and to strategize and run their marketing campaign. Shopodex worked closely with Loghman management as they hand-picked key products to feature on their site. Starting with small sample selections of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, engagement rings, Swiss watches and gift items like pens and cuff links, Loghman Jewelers has carefully selected and competitively priced all of their products in order to aggressively establish a presence in the e-commerce world.

What did Shopodex do?

Shopodex created the Loghman website using a website template custom designed specifically for Loghman Jewelers. The entire process was a comprehensive, multi-faceted implementation of planning and execution which involved many aspects of website and product setup, marketing strategy, and software functionality custom made for the Loghman jewelry site.

The Shopodex basic setup package included in Loghman Jewelers: 

  • Determining and setting up the website layout 
  • Creating content for the product and landing pages
  • Importing all of the product pictures, descriptions, and information
  • Optimizing the site for SEO
  • Linking the site with social media and Instagram feed
A full SEO sweep

A full SEO sweep

One of the final steps in launching the website and preparing it for the e-commerce market is a thorough SEO sweep included with the Shopodex website service.

SEO sweep: Shopodex monitors and reviews the site content, analyzes search results via Google search console, submits the site map, looks at search terms, checks search terms by comparing relevant competitor search terms, investigates for problems with tags and page titles, identifies any inconsistencies on the site and adjusts the site to improve SEO performance. 

Traffic analysis: Shopodex checks the tags at the bottom of the Google search results for other possible search terms that Shopodex might want the site to come up for and incorporates the info into analyzing the page traffic for the site and comparing it with page traffic for competing sites.

The Shopodex system has been customized for the jewelry industry

Loghman Jewelers commissioned Shopodex to create a custom design website and to make modifications to the back-end content management system per their particular jewelry industry requirements.  

Jewelry industry compatibility features:

  • Shopodex CMS Pro for effortless management of the website
  • Easy-to-use shopping cart with relaxing checkout process where new customers are automatically added to the Shopodex CRM
  • Seamless Integration with Shipping Easy for discounted shipping rates and real-time tracking of packages 
  • Shopodex CRM Pro with built-in email marketing system for email blasts and sales and promotion updates
  • Ability to label and sort products by SKU, size, diamond carat weight (ctw), color, and more
  • Sub menus to navigate products either by product type or product brand on product pages
  • Capability to link social media feeds to the website for updates through social posts
  • Adding images and social images per category and product type for integration with Facebook and Instagram

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About Loghman Jewelers

Loghman jewelers is a high-end jewelry store located in the sunny sea side village of Del Mar CA. They sell luxury jewelry pieces, specializing in products such as wedding bands, solitaire engagement rings, and Swiss watches. Founded by Sean Loghman in 1989, Loghman Jewelers has been providing their community with the finest in jewelry and service for almost 30 years. For more information, and to check out their new site, go to

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