It’s the name that gives away just how important it is to integrate CRM into your ecommerce website. An integrated Customer Relationship Management software and website system does exactly what it says; It manages and keeps track of all user interactions that occur on your website, whilst capturing customer data, and making it accessible (usable) to your business. 

When you integrate your CRM tools into your website you will find a whole range of customer data gathering and management opportunities emerge. You’ll reap immediate benefits of CRM software integration within your business, including converting enquiries to leads, making the follow up with new and established customers seamless, and automating sales and inventory tracking.

Establish A Centralized And Accurate Data Bank With CRM Software Tools

By integrating your website with CRM software tools you can implement a single data source that will lead to improved response times from everyone who uses it. With one single data source for each contact you can streamline all aspects of your sales conversion processes and eliminate many of the errors that come with manual data input, as well as duplicate record making.

Integrated CRM Software Tools Streamline Manual Processes

If your website and your CRM are not yet integrated there is a strong likelihood that you are spending a lot of time on processes that could be automated. By integrating your CRM software you could eliminate time consuming manual duties such as the copying, pasting, export, and import of all orders, enquiries and tracking of data from different parts of your business.

Shopdex recognise that this reduction of administrative overhead is a key benefit of CRM software and it’s integration with your website and other software systems. That’s why you will find all of our eCommerce websites can easily integrate with most CRM systems you may already be running and thus help increase your productivity as it allows you to concentrate on other tasks.

Business CRM Tools Include Advanced Customer Profiling Abilities

The successful conversion of leads into new customers is always a high priority for businesses and by integrating CRM systems into a website you can increase your ability to profile these leads (and current customers). By feeding customer data into a central information bank you can take advantage in ways such as deciding what they might purchase and how each individual is most useful to your business.

By understanding their behavior and buying habits in more detail you will be able to effectively target individuals in marketing campaigns and other business actions. This effective targeting is possible when using integrated business CRM tools that make it easier to build a better profile and collect a more complete picture of your customers’ interactions with your organization, from initial enquiry to sales, communications and finally feedback.

Increased Sales With Hosted CRM Software

Integrating and hosting CRM with your website can help to increase sales by taking advantage of the centralized data bank of customer profiles. With all information being fed into this data bank your customer profiles will become a high quality tool to formulate and pursue better leads, that ultimately convert into a higher sales conversion rate.

Additional Benefits of CRM Software Include Immediate Access To Up-To-Date Data

Another benefit of integrating your website with your CRM software tools is having direct access to the most recent data. Automated integration between your hosted CRM system & website happens real time and eliminates the need for the manual configuration of orders, even integrating sales from different locations than your website, such as a brick and mortar store.

Immediate access to information can also improve your customers overall experience of interacting with your business. You can improved response times in areas such as acknowledging new purchases. You can also streamline your after sales follow up, such as more efficient customer service with automated acknowledgement and thank you emails.  

This streamlining of customer interactions also feeds into tracking and dealing promptly with your customers satisfaction, especially when direct feedback is received. A fully integrated CRM system will allow you to deal with all customer feedback quickly and effectively - Particularly important for negative feedback!

With Shopodex’s completely custom website development and design services you will find it easy to integrate your current CRM systems into any of our eCommerce and custom website packages.

Maximise every interaction with potential, new, and established customers with our custom CRM software tools and integration website services, by contacting Shopodex today.