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E-commerce Website
for Florida Fashion Retailer Rosie True

Featuring two-way QuickBooks POS integration launched on Shopodex

Shopodex announces the launch of, a website which perfectly demonstrates the features and services that make Shopodex an e-commerce solution unlike any other on the market. Rosie True, with a strong online presence, multiple brick-and-mortar retail stores, and lots of inventory and brands which change on a regular basis, is a perfect customer for the Shopodex e-commerce platform.

Rosie True's previous experiences with e-commerce were less than optimal..

“We were always locked into some template or missing some feature we needed, and there was no-one we could call who could change website, or the back-end system, to do what we needed.”

“What’s great about Shopodex is that they could adapt the back-end just the way we wanted. So, we explained how we wanted the Quickbooks integration to work, and they were able to get all our available inventory, orders, back-orders and returns working perfectly. My workload administering our online fashion products has been reduced a lot, and I love it!”

“Most of all, I was really surprised by the personal attention and efficiency of the Shopodex team. They really addressed every single problem I brought to the table and never said, ‘no, we can’t do that.’,”

Jackie Steve, Online Manager, Rosie True, FL 32207

With this website launch we had to overcome a couple of significant challenges:

  • Migrate thousands of products and customers out of the previous Modern Retail platform.
  • Completely restructure of all the sites URL’s into a very clean, new, SEO-friendly sitemap.
  • Implement 301 redirects to ensure all the old URL’s continued to work and were not broken on Google.
  • Two-way integration with Quickbooks POS, inventory pushing up and orders pulling down from the website.
  • Seamless integration of the responsive Magic Zoom Plus control for viewing Rosie True photoshoots.
  • Migrate and host the Wordpress blog site on the Shopodex server.
  • Native integration via direct API calls to Instagram.
Unique website design and product navigation

Unique website design and product navigation

The Rosie True site includes a sophisticated, custom site design by leading Los Angeles website designer Terry Ferguson..

“The site was fun to design, we really wanted to build off the hot pink logo with both the imagery and the user experience.”

Terry Ferguson, Frothy Goodness design, CA 90291

SEO campaigning included in service

SEO campaigning included in service

Now that is live with Quickbooks POS integration fully operational so that products are flowing into the website on a daily basis, we are focused on ensuring the site improves it's position with the search engines. The critical factor is to make sure that Rosie True gets an increase in website impressions, and therefore conversions. This of course translates to an increase in online sales!


Shopodex is a unique e-commerce solution created to resolve the most common pain points in e-commerce. Shopodex offers a boutique e-commerce experience with phone access to skilled developers and a platform that is both feature rich and customizable. Shopodex differs from other solutions in that it is an end-to-end service that welcomes custom requests from design to features to integrations. Shopodex further offers native CMS, CRM and email marketing functionality.

Shopodex™ was founded in 2013 by Los Angeles software developer Framework Solutions. For more information, visit

About Rosie True

Rosie True is a women’s clothing and accessories retailer. Founded by Angie Sparks in 1999, Rosie True caters to the young and hip and currently has two store locations in Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach, Florida. They just re-launched their online boutique on the Shopodex e-com platform. For more information visit


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