Shopodex is pleased to announce the launch of Sessions Payroll Management's amazing new custom website with PSL interface.

Ace designer Lisa Knight of xAlt Design created captivating imagery and perfectly encapsulated the marketing messaging for this high profile website and leading Hollywood brand. Her responsive site design is a perfect example of how completely unique page layouts and functionality can be implemented using the Shopodex platform. See the new Sessions Payroll website at

Custom JQuery and a fantastic interactive timeline.

Not only is the new Sessions site populated with beautiful composite graphics, but our programmers implemented some really neat custom features using JQUERY to natively pull content in from the Shopodex CMS, and then display it using a variety of interactive animations. For example, take a look at the fantastic interactive timeline feature on the About Us page. A couple of things to point out on this page; All of the site content can be easily administered using our SEO-friendly Shopodex Content Management System (CMS). Also, all text on the scrolling timeline is ‘live text’, which means it’s not just part of the imagery and therefore will be indexed by the search engines.

Getting search traffic on Google and Bing is key to the success of any website.

Our goal with the Sessions Payroll site was to enable their website designer to be as creative as possible with her designs while we took care of the site development and search engine optimization (SEO). We want to ensure that every site we put up can be easily administered without further programmer involvement, as well as getting the traffic on Google and Bing necessary to ensure each brand we represent is a resounding success. Read more about our SEO service here.

The website design process began with a design brief, competition review, and keyword analysis.

The process we followed working with Lisa on the Sessions site began with a design brief with fonts, colors, and imagery concepts laid out for review with management, and also a review of competitor websites. From there we performed a keyword traffic analysis on Google keyword planner and Google console to ensure that the content she created would be consistent with our goals of ranking well for all the search terms we needed to target on Google. Lisa followed this by creating the initial imagery, wire-frames and content that she then progressively developed by reviewing with management in order to produce the initial home page composite design in Photoshop. Next steps were for her to design each page with composite graphics, custom features, and refined marketing copy; all with a keen eye on getting conversions.

Expert website programmers and database experts.

Once the page designs and content were created, our Shopodex responsive website programmers and database experts got to work migrating content and wiring of the custom designed pages in order to hand the site back to Lisa to complete populating the content. Before the site could be completed, we moved in our existing back-end integration with MS Dynamics which provides real-time access to live payroll data by Sessions Hollywood production companies and movie studio customers.

SEO sweep, 301 redirects and social media integration in order to go live.

When the site was approved by the owner of Sessions Payroll, we proceeded to prepare the website for social media and SEO before going live. We first did an SEO sweep of the entire site, ensuring that all the necessary meta tags were in place for the search engines. Then we made certain that all the social media integration (like Open Graph for Facebook, Twitter Summary Card and Google Plus) was in place. The site was test to verify it was fully responsive and working fluidly across all devices. We followed this by implementing a dynamic sitemap so that Google will automatically index new pages as they are added to the site. Finally we set up all the necessary 301 redirects using URL rewrites. All of these actions were designed to ensure Google and Bing would be happy with the new site the moment it was released.

Shopodex Enterprise for Sessions Payroll

The final product is a beautiful new site and enterprise solution which fully represents the Sessions brand. 

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