2019 was a great year for native advertising. Though, according to experts we can expect even better performances in 2020.

This article takes a look at some of the trends for native advertising:

1. Upgrade in Technology: Better measurable content

1. Upgrade in Technology: Better measurable content

According to Native Advertising experts engaging, relevant and authentic storytelling has and will remain an integral part when it comes to effective native campaigns. This year will bring measurement models that go beyond click attribution and give deeper insights into return on investment.

According to Dan Rubin, Executive Director at Studio M, Meredith Corporation “Native Advertising is maturing and with this growth, advertisers will demand a data and insights-led approach across all project phases.”

2. Personalization and Programmatic

The two P’s are where it’s at in Native Advertising this year. It’s no secret that advertising is most effective when it is personalized. DCO (dynamic creative optimization) is sitting in the driver’s seat in 2019. This display ad technology reinforces personalized ads based on data about the viewer in real-time. It will help brands optimize their ad campaigns in 3 different ways:

1. Prioritizing high performing audience segments

2. Matching segments for a better reach

3. Picking the best creatives to deliver to individual segments

Advertisers will be able to produce unique creative variations that are catered to the right outlet at the right time to get the most impact for every impression. It’s programmatic at its best.

3. Diversification

We got the inclination in 2019 already, but now more and more advertisers and publishers will continue to diversify their formats and platforms when using Native Advertising. Native buying, particularly through programmatic channels will be big this year due to its combination of reach, quality, efficiency, and brand safety.

Social networks are still attractive, but bots and fake accounts blur the lines between real engagement and paid-for likes, having brand interaction predicated on fake results. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket is the motto this year. The use of non-social platforms for branding and performance will increase to be able to obtain the best and real results for brands and businesses.

4. Video will be everywhere

4. Video will be everywhere

The video train left the station in 2018/19 and it’s been taking on speed …If you're not producing video, you'll be left behind in 2020. Studies show that 15 to 22 sec spots are the best performers on mobile. Squeezing your message into such a short time-frame can be tough, but is generally very rewarding. Agencies that specialize in this field can help you ramp up your native advertising video campaigns, formulate a plan, create content and evaluate the success of your actions.

5. Stronger together: Strategic partnerships and collaborations

Delivering authentic native content that resonates with the audience will require well-executed strategic partnerships between brands and publishers.

Users are getting more demanding when it comes to quality. Brands and media companies will be required to think outside the box to bring true value to their customers and readers. Multidisciplinary actions and out-of house experts can help create new and unique content.

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