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YEXT Directory Service

What are directory listings?

Directory listings are listings that list businesses. They can be local area directories, large national directories, or even in car navigation based directories. These listings contain information on your business such as company name, address, phone number, your products and services, reviews, and social media posts etc.  

Why are they important?

People use directory listings to search for products and services that they need. Google targets a large number of directories in order to gather information on your business. The more of these directories you are registered the better the search results for your site on Google.  How many directories and how you are listed determines your website rankings.  

Yext Powerlisting Directory Service

Yext is a Powerlisting Directory Service that will help your business to generate a large number of back links to your site and drastically improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Google.  It helps to insure that all of your listing information is synchronized with all of your locations and 100 percent accurate.

It is crucial to be listed in correct format!

When you run a search for your business and include your location a lot of results will come up. These are all the different directories that are listing your business(es). Your website rankings can dramatically improve or dwindle depending upon whether or not your information is precisely accurate and consistent . Tiny variations in things such as number and street name appear as different locations to Google.  

Street vs. St.

If one directory lists your business address as being on 10th St. but another lists it as being on 10th Street, the two versions can be seen as two different locations to a search engine. That is why you want your information 100 percent accurate.

It’s all about synching your GEO-locations with Google!

How Yext works:

The Yext Powerlisting Directory Service automatically scans, locates and claims your existing business listings on every site in their PowerListings Network using their patented Match and Lock technology. This way any other listing that you have will automatically sync with correct information. Yext scans every publisher’s database to find the listing you want to control. When they identify a match, they immediately lock that listing so no other data source can alter it.  

Maximized SEO + no messy information  = more listings = more traffic = more business!

Features and Benefits:

  • Maximizes SEO
  • Generates back links to site
  • Makes sure your listings are present with correct information
  • Automatically adds missing listings
  • Updates critical fields like name, address, phone number
  • Allows you to update once and sync with all existing listings
  • Enhances listings with photos, specials, etc.  
  • Sends alerts about reviews through review monitoring
  • Ability to monitor and update many locations at once
  • Tracks local search performance

A Yext Certified Partner

A Yext Certified Partner

Shopodex is now a certified Yext partner. That means that for $50 a month the Yext Powerlisting directory service is fully integrated into our platform.  You have the option of administering it yourself, or we are happy to do it for you!

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