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Unique Online Store-fronts

Unique Online Store-fronts

Either your web designer or ours can create a completely custom designed website for your new online store.

Choose from our existing library of built-in templates, jQuery, and widgets to make your site exciting.

Request any new custom feature you want for your site.

Shopodex websites are fully responsive and will run just fine on any mobile device.

Easy Administration

Easy Administration

With seamless integration between your POS and Shopodex, products and inventory automatically flow back and forth.

Your websites navigation will be automatically driven by your products and services, but you can easily add any additional content pages you would like.

Images do not need to be optimized before being uploaded thanks to built-in compression which ensures your website loads quickly.

Search Optimization

Search Optimization

When you post content and products to your Shopodex website, your landing pages will be automatically SEO compliant.

Once your site is live we submit it to Google and Bing and monitor its performance.

We can advise you on Search marketing and content strategies to ensure your website is successful.


Built-In Email Marketing

Email Campaign

With Shopodex Cloud CRM you can not only track online prospects who visit your website, but upgrade to Shopodex CRM Pro and send out email campaigns to drive more traffic to your website.


Expert Web Developers Included

Expert Web Developers

We will customize your website with whatever feature you need, integrate it with your POS, import your customers and content, and even modify the CMS with new features if you need us to!

2-Way POS Integration

2-Way POS Integration

Sales and inventory balances are always up to date.

Our Quickbooks POS integration means that new products automatically push up to the website, significantly reducing the workload to manage this. Sales and returns automatically pull down to Quickbooks and inventory balances are always up to date on the website.

Seamless integration with leading software providers including ShippingEasy, Quickbooks POS, and Microsoft Dynamics.
Shipping Easy
Microsoft Dynamics

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All-In-One Digital Marketing Platform

Quick setup and easy to administer
Search Engine Optimized (SEO) pages
Ultra-low credit card rates >> rollover 

Ultra-low Rates

Ultra-low Credit Card Rates

Avoid excessive credit card processing fees with our Shopodex AcceptPay, which enables you to accept credit cards directly and without a third-party gateway provider. One flat rate for all your real-time payment processing! 

Only 2.59% + 25 cents!

Flat Rate
flat rate
+ 25 cents


with Shopify and Big Commerce

Customizable Shopping Cart software
Sales promotion and campaign tracking
Programmers to import your contacts and content


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