SEO Marketing Consultant

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Marketing Consultant

The website must be 'Search Engine Optimized'.

For your website to be SEO search engine optimized all the pages on your site should have specific topics and these topics should be reflected in the meta-tagging and keywords used throughout the page. Beyond this it is necessary to have your site fully integrated with the main social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram via Open Graph, Twittercard and the other social media plug-in's required to do this correctly.

You should have an SEO marketing plan.

We begin with a keyword traffic analysis and competitor SEO comparison to see exactly how your content should be structured and targeted.  Our consultants will guide you through this process and also review the site in detail for SEO issue before you go live.

Shopodex websites are SEO compliant the moment you post products or content, and we will submit your site to Google and Bing as part of our standard website setup process. Our content writers and brand marketing experts can advise you on how to structure your content, or we can write it for you.

Is your website search optimized?

We recommend SEO Centro's SEO Analyzer to quickly type in your website address and see if you have any SEO problems or errors.  If you have any issues, please let us know!