Quickbooks POS Integration

POS Integration

Quickbooks POS Integration

What is POS Integration?

With Shopodex Point Of Sale (POS) integration you can connect Quickbooks POS directly to your Shopodex website via our web services interface. What this means for you as a retailer or wholesaler, is that all your products and inventory balances in Quickbooks automatically flow up to your website as often as you choose.  Also, orders, back-orders, and returns automatically flow back down to QuickBooks, so your accounting system is always up to date!

Why Shopodex POS integration?

With Shopodex you can have a website that is constantly aware of how much inventory is available for all of the items you sell. We have customers with multiple physical retail stores and successful online store-front's, and everything is automatically connected. The net result is the websites only allow sales for items that are in stock and our customers do not need to spend time managing this.  It's all automatic!


  • Inventory balances push up to the website
  • Orders, back-orders, and returns pull down from the website
  • New products automatically become available to the website
  • Simple product setup automatically adds new items to the site navigation
  • Updates between Quickbooks and the website can be batch or real-time
  • The same integration can be available for any POS

Ready to go!

The service is built into your Shopodex subscription. Have another POS? Just let us know, we can integrate Shopodex with any POS.