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Custom Website Design

What is custom web design?

Custom web design is the ability to design the way your web page looks. It allows you to create and apply your own unique perspective that sells and best represents your business. As a picture is worth a thousand words, how your page looks can profoundly affect how many people stay to explore. It is also an instant and powerful way to convey your business message.  

What does a web designer do?

A web designer is responsible for the look and design of the website. There is a lot to consider in the designing of a website which might not be apparent at first glance. A web designer possesses all of the skills necessary to create a website that is both aesthetically pleasing to look at, easy to use and able to convey your company’s own personal unique brand or business image capable of holding people’s attention.


  • Making a website visually exciting
  • Usability
  • Target market relatable 
  • Easily accessible information
  • Ability to adapt, change and evolve as needed

Unique and Innovative Custom Website Designs

Our responsive website designs are focused on improving the viewers experience as they navigate through a site, hence increasing overall conversion rates. We work closely with internal marketing departments and consultants to come up with innovative website designs and features. We have some excellent website designers on our team should you need our assistance.

Why is it important to design your own page?

Many people want a website done quickly and for as little cost as possible. However, investing in a professional web designer can be highly beneficial.  Here are some reasons why:

Custom Image

First impressions are crucial. When people see your website they get their first glimpse of what you stand for. A web designer can design your site to intuitively match the message you wish to convey and in a way that captures their attention.  

Consistent Brand Identity

Professional designers see the big picture. They create an image for your brand that is consistent across many contexts such as your website, logo, business cards etc. A structured consistent visual language makes a lasting impression.  

More visitors who stay and explore

It’s not about how many clicks you get. It’s about how many visitors browse through your site and get to know who you are. Creating something memorable and exciting not only captures a customer’s attention, but it gets them to take you more seriously as well. It takes something unique to keep people interested, let alone willing to buy your product or service.  

More customers

The prompts on your page that get customers interested such as the tabs that say “buy now” or “learn more” need to be designed in a particular way in order to get attention and interest. How they look, where they are on the page etc. are a huge factor in determining whether or not a customer will engage in your site. Web designers know how to construct and place these very important pieces to optimize conversions. 

Distinguishing yourself from everyone else

There are so many websites nowadays that look the same. They say the right things, they have a nice image, but they don’t stand out and say anything special. Taking the time to design your own webpage gives you the opportunity to stand apart from all of the competition in your industry. 


By having your site designed, your content and images will be enhanced to better optimize your site. This will give your website a much higher ranking on Google and the other major search engines, helping you attract more customers.


  • More customers
  • Better SEO 
  • Professional appearance
  • Cohesive brand language
  • Ability to evolve as technology does
  • Lasting first impression

The Shopodex Design Process

We follow a standard methodology when planning and working on website development projects.  We begin the website design phase with our graphic designers working with you to create wire-frames for the sites.  These are preliminary graphic designs that define the main page layouts, access points, and navigation.  This gives the customer a chance to review different design options before too much work is done.  Once a wire-frame is selected we move into the graphic design phase, producing a series of refined color designs and including some pseudo content to provide a realistic portrait of how the site will look.