Integrating an ESP

The eCommerce world relies greatly on marketing and the ability to reach their audience in a direct, authentic, and effective manner. Using a CRM benefits your business because all of your customer information is available in an instant, using this information you are able to keep track of any of their changes as well as track your relationship metrics all in one place. Email blasting is one of the most important and useful means of direct marketing and if executed properly can benefit sales, improve customer loyalty, and reach more audiences. 

ESP + CRM = Better Results

Having an email service provider such as SendGrid which does message augmentation, ensures email messages reach a customer’s inbox and do not go to their junk or spam. Integrating our ESP and using it conjointly with the Shopodex CRM your business can track every email blast that is sent out and its result. Within your CRM you can see whether the email was delivered, opened, ignored, or marked as spam. As a Shopodex Basic user, you can integrate with our ESP for an additional monthly fee. For Shopodex Advanced users SendGrid ESP comes included with your package. 

Send, Monitor, and Repeat

Send, Monitor, and Repeat

ESP integration for all of your email marketing is not only beneficial for ensuring the emails reach your customers inbox, but also enables metrics tracking so that with the Shopodex CRM you can identify and search for all the people who failed to open an email blast and re-direct the message.

  • Send large scale email campaigns 
  • Help to create subscriber and contact lists
  • Augment and upgrade emails
  • Analyze results of campaigns
  • Provide key metrics

The benefit of the Shopodex built in CRM versus utilizing an external CRM, alleviates the issue of synchronizing two systems. For example, if the ESP is not integrated with your Shopodex site, when someone signs up on the website you must then manually add their information to the external ESP creating more work and room for error. 

Promote and Communicate Effectively

In addition to tracking your customer interaction and their response rate, your business is able to see if messages were not delivered for any important customer service inquiries. For an eCommerce website there are two email channels used.

  1. Email blasts which are best used to promote landing pages, product offerings, blogs, changes in the company, advertise special sales and discounts, and any marketing information regarding your product.
  2. Emails from the website to communicate with customers and prospects for purposes of order tracking, order confirmation, direct communication, and any customer service interaction.  

Email blasts go out for the purposes of promotional/informative communication to a group of your customers. Website email confirmation is for a specific customer and purpose.  


A SendGrid Certified Partner

Shopodex is now a SendGrid certified partner. That means that the SendGrid ESP service comes integrated into our platform. As Shopodex already has it's own ability to create email templates and input contact lists, SendGrid is used as an additional boost to help get your emails where they need to go and to share feedback with you as to what happened to them and how to improve.