Integrated Cloud CRM

CRM Customer Relationship Management Integration

Run email marketing campaigns that target thousands of contacts at once.

Efficiently manage your web leads and contacts in our cloud CRM.  Use our email marketing system to organize your lists, create templates and email thousands of contacts at once.   Shopodex CRM is fully integrated with SendGrid ESP for augmented delivery and real-time metrics on your campaign  blasts.

Shopodex CRM Basic

Shopodex CRM Basic

Get Shopodex Cloud CRM Basic for free!  Setup your contacts and record your communications with them over time.  Email signups and registrations on your website will show up in the CRM.  Update the profiles of your contacts, leads and customers as you have more interactions with them over time.  Search based on demographics and business type to identify your target customers and enable your sales staff to be more effective. 
  • Contact Management
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Guaranteed Security
  • Search For Your Contacts
  • Classify Your Contacts
  • Record Communications
Shopodex CRM Pro

Shopodex CRM Pro

Shopodex CRM Pro brings the full power of our cloud-based email marketing system to you.  Login in from any device over the internet and  search through leads which may have come from your website, or may have been imported by our engineers.  Easily setup optimized email templates and then assign leads to your promotion, send your email blast and drive traffic and sales to your e-commerce website.
  • Enhanced Search
  • Email Blast Your Contacts
  • Contact Checklist
  • Setup Your Sales Staff
  • Track Staff Performance
  • Print Labels and Reports
SendGrid ESP

SendGrid ESP

Master the art of email marketing with this industry leading email service provider (esp). What SendGrid means for businesses is a load of work off your hands and optimized success when it comes to large scale email campaigns.  Now you can track the status of your email blasts, have your emails augmented with special delivery tags to avoid the spam folder, receive real time analytics and get expert support enabling you to better reach your targets and turn your email campaigns into business.  

  • Send Large Email Campaigns
  • Track Email Status
  • Augment And Update For Delivery
  • Receive Analytics On Campaigns
  • Avoid Spam Filters
  • Subscription Management