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How To Expand Your Business Online

A Custom Business Website Design That Delivers Results

- Do you feel let down by your online sales results and are finding it hard to attract visitors to your current website?

- Have you spent money trying to rectify this situation with no positive results?

The Pena Garage Door Company were in this exact position - They tried to take positive steps to improve their online performance by working with numerous website design and development companies who offered business website design solutions. Unfortunately, none of these so called ‘website design specialists’ actually produced any real solutions of any kind for Pena.

All Pena seemed to get for their money were uninspiring website designs that lacked quality, and took a long time to build. There was always a total lack of understanding or interest in achieving Pena’s bold business goals.
Starting The Website Design Process The Right Way

Starting The Website Design Process The Right Way

It was at this low point that Shopodex became involved, and right away showed the Pena Garage Door Company how they could successfully achieve their desired business goals. Before we even began to build a development roadmap our dedicated business website design team took the time to meet Pena owners and managers.

These face to face meetings allowed the team to understand the company and their goal to have an online store with a nationwide footprint. Which included turning themselves into a nationwide garage door parts and accessories supplier to both consumers and other businesses.

What Is The Best Way To Build A Website?

The best way to build a website begins with doing the right research. Shopodex developers began their specialized website design process by thoroughly researching Pena’s primary product lines.

This initial website research allowed us to derive every top target search phrase that would work best for Pena and could be incorporated once our website design and development process was complete and their new site was live.

It is this thorough attention to detail that enables us to gain a much deeper understanding of the best way to build a unique website that can successfully deliver the right results to every client, every time.

Business Website Strategizing

After our research is completed the shopodex team start mapping out a complete business website content strategy. For Pena Garage Doors we included this in the initial design and development road maps so we could quickly engage one of our expert website designers and keep moving the project forward at a fast pace.

To complete our thorough range of website strategizing our experienced web designers thoroughly identify all graphics, layouts, and responsive designs that were best suited to Pena’s goal of launching a successful nationwide online store.

As with all of our projects, our team constantly reviewed our strategy with the Pena management, who were extremely happy with the designs that came about from our successful business website strategies.

Website Development, Rebranding And Content Writing

The next phase to the Pena website development was engaging our marketing team, content administrators and writers, who began the entire website rebranding process. This entailed writing fresh new and SEO primed content for the site, whilst also finalizing a complete logo redesign.

We also began the task of acquiring all product details, pricing and images from various manufacturer sites for the entire inventory of Pena’s online store. Shopodex administrators then meticulously compiled the complete inventory catalog and incorporated it into the newly built and rebranded online store.

Incorporating A New Populated Content Management System (CMS)

Because of the importance attached to the new online store within Pena’s website, our website developers set about creating specific custom templates in accordance with the overall design that had already been agreed upon.

This meant using a populated content management system (CMS) with a full range of landing and product pages. In keeping with Pena’s nationwide ambitions developers added numerous categories and subcategories which were all identified for importance in our initial keyword research. This was then wired up seamlessly into to the new, easy to use navigation system.
SEO Sweeping, Page Tagging And Redirects

SEO Sweeping, Page Tagging And Redirects

Another vital part to Pena’s website development process was performing a thorough SEO sweep of the newly constructed website. This would make sure any glitches could be highlighted and corrected before the website went live.

Our custom business website design also included the SEO optimization of all pages, and complete page tagging to make sure the entire site was error free, and ready for Google indexing.

Even though Pena’s current website hadn’t yielded results, we didn’t want to just destroy any backlinks that had already been created. To ensure a seamless transition to the new website Shopodex developers created redirects to safeguard against breaking any google backlinks from the existing pages.

Final Stages Of The Pena Garage Door Business Website Design

With the main business website design and development processes completed it was coming down to the final stages for Pena’s new website. These included the deployment of the site and individually submitting it to all the major search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

These search engine submissions always include a dynamic site map that the Shopodex developers professionally build for each individual site - We always use a dynamic site map due to its ability to automatically change itself when new pages are added or deleted, which is extremely useful when dealing with ecommerce stores.

Business Website Marketing With A 300% Increase On Google

Once the website was live, Shopodex created a monthly online business marketing plan, which included Google Adwords PPC advertising, regular SEO optimized blog articles and related social media backlinking campaigns.

These expertly executed marketing and SEO campaigns quickly increased their Google search impressions and click throughs. As a result of these vast improvements within the Google search engine platform, Pena Garage Doors very quickly experienced a 300% increase in sales and quote requests.

Shopodex Is Your One Stop Shop For A Successful Business Website

From web development to social media marketing, the entire Shopodex team are extremely proud of the results from and just how successfully executed the new business website for the Pena Garage Door Company was.

Shopodex is a one stop shop with an experienced team of experts who can design, build, and market your website in a way that will expand your business like nothing you have experienced before, as the results for Pena Garage Door can testify to above.

If you would like to find out more about how we can developed a unique and successful website to suit your own business’ specific needs don’t hesitate to make CONTACT or CALL us today 1-855-882-7472.


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