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SendGrid ESP

What is an Email Service Provider (ESP)?

An email service provider(ESP) is a company that offers email marketing or bulk email services. ESP’s have the software and servers specifically optimized and designed to handle large email campaigns, therefore providing the platform needed for managing and segmenting your marketing lists, and being able to track and send your campaigns on a large scale.  

Basic Functions of an ESP:

  • Send large scale email campaigns
  • Help to create subscriber and contact lists
  • Augment and upgrade emails
  • Analyze results of campaigns
  • Provide key metrics

Why do you need an ESP?

Email marketing is still the most successful way to communicate with present subscribers and potential clients. Some studies say that email marketing returns about $40 worth of business for every $1 spent on it! Clearly a worthwhile investment.   

However, doing all of your email marketing yourself can be quite difficult and troublesome. For example, when you send emails through your traditional ISP (internet service provider) you run a high risk of having your campaign blocked as traditional ISP’s don’t have the capacity to monitor and handle your campaigns the way an ESP does.   

Here are a few key reasons why ESP's are an excellent idea:

Spam Filters

The parameters for keeping your emails out of the junk folder are always being changed as the spam filters are constantly being updated. One of an ESP’s jobs is to keep their servers one step ahead so that your email has the highest chance of being received. They add delivery tags and make alterations in order to bypass the filters allowing you to reach your targets.  

Ability to Monitor and Track Campaign Success

When you run your campaigns yourself, you have no way to monitor and track what happens. An ESP has the ability to track the status of each email. For instance, identifying if it was opened and received. They also have the ability to update your emails giving you the best possible chance of having your campaigns reach your targets inbox.  

Analytics Reports and Feedback

ESP’s report back to you providing analytics as to how to improve your campaigns. For example, they will study what kind of headers are most commonly opened and lead to conversions. Then they can report back to you to let you know how you may want to alter your campaigns for greater success and effectiveness.  

Subscription Management

How would you manage all of the people who want to subscribe or unsubscribe from your lists? If someone wants to subscribe or unsubscribe, ESP’s make it simple and easy for them to do so. Otherwise, your company would have to manually keep track of all the individual requests as each subscriber responded to your campaign. You would then have to go in and manually update all of their information. Much easier to let someone else take care of all that for you!

Sendgrid – Industry leading inbox delivery

SendGrid is an industry leading email service provider that has recently partnered with Shopodex. The integration allows you to send email without the cost and complexity of maintaining your own email server by providing multiple beneficial services and managing the technical details of email delivery.  

How does Shopodex integrate with SendGrid?

Shopodex sends emails through SendGrid as a certified partner using API calls. SendGrid then augments each individual email by adding delivery tags to facilitate delivering the email into the recipients inbox.

Shopodex then receives back key metrics and live delivery rates, spam reports, suppression rates, and bounced emails…

This enables you as a customer to track the effectiveness of your email campaigns. It also ensures that your domain reputation is maintained and your emails are not tagged by the big email providers like Google, as spam.

Because Shopodex has an email template already built in SendGrid is simply used as a relay. This eliminates the need to upload lists of contacts and create templates for email blasts on another system.  

Simplifying and optimizing your campaigns = lots of time saved and loads more business!

Benefits and Features:

  • Higher number of subscribers reached
  • Ability to monitor and track campaigns effectiveness
  • Access to Spam Reports
  • Reports on email delivery and suppression rates
  • Information on how to adjust campaigns for better success

A SendGrid certified partner

Shopodex is now a SendGrid certified partner.  That means that the SendGrid ESP service comes integrated into our platform.  As Shopodex already has it's own ability to create email templates and input contact lists, SendGrid is used as an additional boost to help get your emails where they need to go and to share feedback with you as to what happened to them and how to improve. 

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