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5 Content Distribution Tools Every Marketer Should Know

<b><p>Marketing Numbers Game</b></p>

Marketing Numbers Game

New age marketing has become a numbers game. How many website clicks did we generate last week? How many leads did we get from our new landing page? These have become the main questions in marketing meetings. Marketing has evolved from an art form to a consumer behavior science. Search engine marketing, the fields favorite for a long time, has become just another distribution channel, part of a marketing mix. These days the content distribution game goes beyond search, now it is all about how to get your blogposts and articles in front of as many eyes as possible and on the largest variety of channels. You have got to have a distribution plan to maximize your chance to reach potential new customers. Here is an overview of a few of our five favorite content distribution tools:

1. Taboola

This content discovery platform distributes your articles/landing pages across major publisher sites such as USA Today, Bloomberg and NBC under their "Sponsored" or "Related" posts section. Taboola’s algorithm distributes new articles to interested readers. They’re strategy is generated towards finding and engaging over one billion relevant users across premium publishers at scale on the world leading native discovery platform. You can run video and organic content campaigns in non-disruptive, brand safe environments through programmatic or direct channels.
<p><b>2. Hootsuite</b></p>

2. Hootsuite

To manage your social distribution channels, Hootsuite has been a marketer’s favorite. Delivering your most recent blog posts and articles via your social channels should be high on your distribution strategy list. Let’s be real though, with 15+ social sites (and counting) out there, it can be a tough and messy process trying to inform all your social followers of your new content/products. With Hootsuite you are able to schedule and distribute your content across all platforms in one centralized location.

3. SimpleReach

SimpleReach offers native ad programs and paid content distribution used to expand the reach of articles, social posts etc. Technically, it is not purely used as a content distribution tool, but a way to track the performance of content across social platforms, brand websites and third-party publishers. It lets your business measure engagement and conversion rates so that you know what content and which channels deliver the highest returns for your specific customer.
<p><b> 4. Shopodex CRM</b></p>

4. Shopodex CRM

Email Marketing is not dead. A solid email marketing platform that creates email newsletters and distributes content straight to the reader's inbox, is still a favorite tool among marketing professionals. It is also a great way to segment specific target groups with relevant content, depending on what stage of the marketing funnel they are in. Also, email newsletters are the perfect tool to showcase specific content or generate traffic to weekly blog posts.
<p><b> 5. AddThis</b></p>

5. AddThis

AddThis connects people to content and enables marketers to develop more personal and long-standing relationships with current and potential customers and allows your readers to do the work for you. Though you will still must get readers to the website initially (using email marketing, search engines or social). Once the potential consumer is on your site and they like what you have to offer, AddThis makes it easy for them to share your content with a simple click of a button.


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